Your Contribution at Work


A Thank You Message from Our Summer Campers from Camp Pendalouan.

Thank you for your gift!

YMCA Camp Pendalouan is thriving because of supporters like you.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of countless youth!

Our goal is to raise $11,500.00 for the 2017 Year End Campaign.


Donors to our Year-End Campaign (Updated 12/28/2017)

Kathy Stratton & Bob Cebelak David & Barbara Kendall Frances Fisher
Keith & Cindy Crandall Susan & Chuck Kirchner Gerlach Family
Mary Mennel Craig & Jessa Lytle Jennifer & Paul Peterson
Mike & Laurie Helsen Donna Wright Bruce & Margaret Spoelman
Paul & Abby DeLong Walter Johnson Stuart & Anne Weinberg
Richard Zimmerman Michael Kollen Jon & Linda DeVoogd
Big John's Pizza - Neal & Amy Martell Roger & Michelle Morgenstern Gordon Veurink
Katie Spoelman Gretchen Spoelman Roger & Masako Bellinger
Carolyn Buboltz Gust & Mary Danigelis Chandler Nichols
Mike Tilley John & Nancy Mahoney Lila Bowen
Dessie Spoelman Bonnie Stuk Larry & Julie Ayers
Bill & Sue Brookstra Leland & Enid Holly John & Kathy Workman
Roger & Paula Hoffman John & Kathy Martin Herb & Karen Driver
Bill & Jeanne Leaver Bill & Erika Paulson John & Mary Koeppe
Bill & Erika Paulson Kate & Joe Van Auken Sally Gajda
John & Barb Usmial Bill & Avis Randall The Wildfield Family
Lorin Industries Karen Kraai Susan & Todd Carlson 
Patrick & Marissa Kenkel The Frost Family Katherine Franks
Don & Susan DeLong Dr. Robert Christie Sand Products Corporation
Jean Boyden Mark Drake Judy Bradeen
Don & Nancy Crandall


 If you have noticed an error above, please let us know so we can correct it!