Parent Testimonials

We love hearing from campers and families about their experiences with Camp Pendalouan. Here are what people are saying about Camp Pendalouan!

"This was my child's first year at Pendalouan. In the 8 years my daughter has attended private school, your camp did more in one week to help her feel good about herself and to make new friends. I know schools is primarily about academics, but Pendalouan's core values are the main reasons I chose to send my daughter there. When I came to pick her up, she cried due to not wanting to leave. Very impressed with the whole experience."

- A Summer 2013 Parent, Norton Shores, MI

"I first chose to send my daughter to Pendalouan because of its reputation. Since then, it's been because of her positive experiences. She absolutely has loved her time at camp. She always makes friends, and talks about feeling welcomed, included, and valued. It is the best week of the summer for my daughter."

- A Summer 2013 Parent, Holland, MI

"I will continue to send my kids to Pendalouan because of the valuable character traits that are not just taught to them, but also practiced by Pendy's camp counselors. The kids learn self-confidence, self-reliance, and respect while having the times of their lives! As a parent, I felt confident that my children are in exceptional hands while they are away, and that ALWAYS comes first before sending them anywhere. I would highly recommend this experience for any kid - such a fantastic opportunity!"

- Alilison Cobb, Grand Haven, MI

"My daughter went to a different camp the previous year. Pendalouan is by far her favorite. She loved it all; Singing, the campfires, horseback riding, swimming! She made so many friends and had so much fun. "

- Shawn Siminkski, Muskegon, MI

"My son didn't know anybody and was very shy at first. He came home a confident and happy young man!"

- Angela Dulyea, Twin Lake, MI

"Thank you for helping reinforce values I teach my daughter at home. She's already looking forward to next year and the year after that. So good job! I also found the staff to be courteous, professional and enthusiastic. Send your kid. You and he/she will not regret it!"

- Steven Finlan, Rochester Hills, MI

"Enriching. Memorable. Positve. Uplifting."

- Lisa Boinais, Clawson, MI

"Your staff are extremely engaged and caring. I was immensely impressed. They seem to truly love being there. They made my child's first camp experience a great one! Thank you for sending home one happy camper!"

- A Summer 2012 Parent, Oak Park, IL

"I never attended Camp Pendalouan as a child, but my children attend every summer and love it! I have been to Pendalouan on so many field trips with my children as well, and always enjoy the day. The counselors and staff are very attentive, and full of fun and humor."

- Mary Eyke, Muksegon, MI

"Our son loves Camp Pendalouan. His favorite activities are archery and all the outdoor all-camp games. We love it because he gets a lot of exercise and he gets to try new activities.  He looks forward to his time at Camp Pendalouan every year!"

- Jessica Knowlton, Muskegon, MI

"I love how Camp Pendalouan fosters independence and gets my child to interact with a wider variety of kids than those in our neighborhood. The only thing my daughter didn't like about her time at Camp was leaving!"

- Kyle Teichow, Allendale, MI

"We sent our son to Pendalouan because he fell in love with the place during a 4th grade field trip. It is a beautiful setting, clean, easy to get to, and has fantastic staff."

- A Summer 2012 Parent, Grand Rapids, MI